Ghanaian Doctors Ask Akufo Addo To Close Down Schools Again.

Ghanaian Doctors have asked President Akufo Addo to close down as the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the country and also in schools.

Since schools reopen amid the wake of the second wave many positive cases have recorded.

According to reports, 15 of the 17 tertiary institutions in the country have all reported cases of Covid-19 whiles a School in Akosombo has also reported 50 cases of Covid-19.

The GMA has also come to demand that schools be closed immediately to avoid further spread. Speaking to big family radio, the Ashanti Regional Chairman of the GMA, said students should be tested, the positive ones will be sent for treatment and negative ones should be allowed to go home and schools closed.

With the pressure mounting on the president, it is likely that in his next address to the state, he will close down schools or better bring out new methods that will prevent the spread of the virus.