Supreme Court Rules Against John Mahama In Court.

The supreme court of Ghana has rule out the the case as to whether Jean mensa to mount the witness box or not.
According to the Supreme Court of Ghana the Electoral commissioner application submitted to the court has been received and accepted that she will not Mount The witness box as EC lawyer’s has stated earlier.
The court in decision has stated that so far as there are a lot of law and there are ruling that has been already set down by the Supreme Court, not to let the defendant testify during trial in the court proceedings, they cannot go beyond their rulings in court to let the Electoral Commissioner testify during the court proceedings.It has become joy for the New Patriotic Party and sad for the National Democratic Congress supporters who thought, Jean Mensa could enter the witness box and be cross-examined by their lawyers.The Court has decided and made it known that as far as they have rulings in the court that has prevent a defendant not to testify, they will stick to that and objected Tsatsu Tsikata’s objections.

Tsatsu Tsikata has told the court that he will filed another application for the court to hold Jean Mensa accountable as chairperson of the electoral commission.Ghanaians monitoring the court proceedings will be the best judge after supreme court today.